My 20 Second Commute:

My 20 Second Commute:

I pour my Coffee and walk to my office – 20 seconds. WHY don’t more people DO this?

Probably because they are unsure, or they just don’t trust an online business. You can do so much better than working for a “boss”. Yes, it’s a weekly paycheck (Security), but where is the reward (Yourself)?  Look, I want winners! YOU – Who are not afraid to rely on Yourself!

Look, your life is finite – it ends at some point. Do you really want to be there at the end of your life and thinking – what if I did take a chance? What if I tried something else to make a good life for Myself and my Family? Do you really want to be in that position? I DIDN’T and Neither do you.

If you still have a job, congratulations. You’re one of the few BUT you are  still working for someone else instead of Yourself.

For God’s Sake – Wake Up and smell the Coffee! There is NO good reason for you to keep doing this and work for someone else and hand them the money you’ve made for them instead of profiting from your own hard work . Trust in Yourself – and unlock your Potential!


MY 20 Second Commute:

I pour my Coffee and walk to my office – 20 seconds to start my day. I work about 2 hours to start and take a break. Sometimes, I start my day at 8am. Sometimes, I get up and start at 2 or 3 am. You WON’t BELIEVE how much you can get done before others even wake up! I have not woke up to an alarm clock in over 30 years!

Sometimes when I’m on vacation or “holiday” as some call it (love that),  I will get up and get in a couple hours before the Family wakes up. This is a simple freedom you enjoy when you work for yourself. I simply explain this to people as “I know the boss – a really nice person that lets me work whenever I please”!

You get the Idea. When you are ready, join me and I will help and guide you – I will show you exactly what to do – right from the start.


Your 20 Second Commute: 

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