I started this blog to look for people wanting to own an online business that pays well and earns you a residual income – do the work once and you’ll be paid forever. Simply put, SFI is the best and most respected online business you can join (and we have been for over 17 years).

* We are a member of the USA’s Better Business Bureau. Many businesses aren’t, because some online businesses are not legitimate or they don’t want the hassle of being held accountable for the way they do business. The BBB applies to both online and “brick and mortar” businesses who have a store in your neighborhood.

Simply, I’m looking for leaders. Let me capitalize that now – I’m looking for LEADERS. I want people on my Team who aren’t afraid to work a bit – about 10 to 15 hours a week. It’s your business and free to join. How do you run an SFI business? Here’s the 3 steps you have to do to own a business that pays you – and your family for life.



2.    SIGN UP 5 people  that want to earn money for life, like you.

3.    SHOW THEM what you do and how you want them to do it.


Can you do the three things above?

Then I Want You on my team – It’s as simple as that.

Join me today, start growing a second income or a full-time one and I will help you every step of the way. I’ve been making people like you successful since 2005. Think you can’t do it?  Gnarly – How will you know if you never even try ?!?

Check out my Leadership Page Here  – after you join for my personal message or to send me one!


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